Microfinance Product (Kalkaal) 

Salaam Somali Bank has launched a microfinance product early this year to help the poor and small businesses.  Named as “Kalkaal” (Somali term for help), the product is intended to help people with limited income and entrepreneurs.Since the product was launched we have gained experience in serving this market and understand the needs of the beneficiaries. The types of businesses supported by this product include: traders, food vendors, kiosks, small scale professionals, etc. The product includes:

1. Savings:

The product beneficiaries are encouraged to start saving from the first day of their contact with the Bank because this was seen as a win-win situation for both the bank and the clients. 


This is a microfinance credit exclusively designed for women and youth and broadly for small scale income generating activities.  

3.Technical Services  

The Bank understands the value of technical assistance without which any financial assistance will be of no value. Therefore, the Bank has partnered with local education institutions and consultancy firms to provide training to the beneficiaries of the product in order to improve their skills. 

Need Partners 

The Bank understands banks alone cannot serve to the microfinance market. The Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and microfinance institutions have been the major providers of microfinance internationally. SSB would like to provide a range of financial services to the poor on self sustainable and commercial basis.Therefore, the bank would like to welcome NGOs that work in this field to substantially increase the outreach of microfinance services to the poor in the foreseeable future.